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Clarkston Academy is a multi-week program designed to give new stewards the tools to be successful. From core consulting skills to understanding our service offerings and technology capabilities, Academy graduates feel confident and ready to interact with clients upon completion.  

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Career Development

Average investments of 80–120 hours/year in professional development activities

Networks & Communities

Active communities for networking, collaboration, new services development, and knowledge sharing

Coaching & Mentoring

Strong apprenticeship culture in a highly networked environment enabling professional growth


Brilliant Beginnings

The key to success at Clarkston is not to draw any boundaries for yourself. Very often, you are presented with an opportunity that you can truly make your own. Having that ability to visibly impact the future of the firm and our clients is both exciting and rewarding.

Swathi, Senior Consultant

Brilliant Beginnings

Clarkston’s Academy provided me with in depth, hands on training and thorough exposure to the profession and industries Clarkston serves. During Academy, I formed long lasting relationships with fellow stewards and completed Academy confident with the new skills I acquired.

Jim, Consultant

Brilliant Beginnings

Clarkston allows you to make significant contributions in areas you are passionate about. The Clarkston culture is one where all expressed ideas and perspectives are welcome and considered regardless of title and position.

TJ, Senior Consultant

Qualified candidates have an average 3 to 5 years of experience in other consultancies or working in our target industries. A BA or BS as well as strong interpersonal and analytical skills is required.

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Your Early Career Recruiter

Consistently identifying top talent for the firm through long-term relationship development.

Bettina Hoffman Senior Recruiter

Bettina is part of the talent acquisition team at Clarkston Consulting, primarily working with candidates who are beginning their careers and are interested in a consulting profession. She is consistently recruiting for Clarkston’s Academy program.

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Other Early Career Programs

Whether you are a current student, recent college graduate, or several years into your job, Clarkston offers unique opportunities for launching your career.

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