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Your Career

At Clarkston, you can forge your own career path. Capabilities mean more than titles. Together, we create careers, not jobs.

Our Philosophy

At Clarkston, careers are about more than just billable hours or client delivery. We are all stewards of the firm, accountable across multiple competencies.

What Makes Clarkston Stewards Unique?

Client Delivery

Do you demonstrate problem solving capabilities and effective project and process management?

Thought Leadership

Are you earning professional recognition for your skills, expertise, and innovative solutions?

Coaching & Mentoring

Do you lead by example? Are you in invested in others’ success?

Business Development

Are you building and maintaining excellent client and Clarkston relationships?

Firm Building

Are you involved? Are you working to build a better Clarkston?


Client Advocates

Clarkston is truly vested in developing, maintaining and growing its stewards. Clarkston not only provides opportunities for career growth, but also works with the steward to set the right path, direction and pace to meet each person’s individual needs, skills and passion for personal growth.

Swati, Senior Manager

Client Advocates

Over the course of my career, Clarkston has served as a family of coworkers and friends who challenge me to continue to grow and provide me with opportunities to learn. Clarkston’s focus on the professional development of its stewards and building the firm from within is why I continue to choose Clarkston year after year.

Anna, Senior Consultant

Client Advocates

My time working for Clarkston has been a great adventure. I’ve learned to adapt well to change and embrace new opportunities when they present themselves. The most gratifying part of working at Clarkston is having an incredible group of peers and advisors with whom I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and growing with throughout my career.

Roderick, Senior Consultant

Professional Development

Our people invest an average of 80–120 hours per year in professional development activities, including:

  • Competency-Based Development Programs
  • External Training Programs and Certifications
  • eLearning and Self-Study Opportunities
  • Subject Matter Focus Groups and Professional Communities
  • Contributions to Insights Articles and Client Case Studies
  • Apprenticeship and On-the-Job Training
  • Trade Shows and Speaking Engagements
  • Professional Society Memberships
  • Conference Attendance and Participation

Our Clients

Whether developing a global technology strategy, integrating a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, enhancing current systems or ensuring compliance, Clarkston consultants provide proven methodologies and expert guidance to help our clients succeed.

What’s Next?

Consulting Candidates

Clarkston differentiates itself through the caliber of its people and our approach to providing best-in-class services. What’s your background?

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